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Father burns his three-year-old daughter to spite Ex

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A father burnt his three-year-old daughter alive to spite her mother as they were embroiled in a bitter custody battle. The mother has now revealed that she wishes she had defied the court and kept her daughter, instead of letting her go with her father.

Zoey Pereira, 3, burned to death inside a car that had been set on fire and its doors chained shut.  Her father is in a hospital under police custody, suspected of being involved in the child’s death.

“You’ll never see your daughter again,” Martin Pereira, 39, allegedly told his estranged wife Cherone Coleman, 36, just before their daughter was roasted alive in a car.

Police and firefighters found little Zoey Pereira strapped inside the backseat of a burning car on a street in New York City’s Queens borough Sunday night. The doors had been chained shut, but the heat from the flames was so intense, the metal melted enough for the rescuers to pull the little girl from the burning car.