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Scientist eaten alive by crocodile!

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A scientist was eaten alive by a 17ft long crocodile while she fed it in a facility named the CV Yosiki Laboratory.

Deasy Tuwo, 44, was giving the crocodile, named Merry, lumps of meat last Friday morning in North Sulawesi, Indonesia when the sad incident happened. In the course of feeding the giant reptile, it stood on its hind legs and leaped an 8ft high concrete wall to pull the researcher into the shallow water where it ate her alive.

Staff discovered what had happened around 8.45am when they noticed a “strange shape” in the water. They then saw the crocodile laying on the ground with Deasy’s savaged body in its jaws. The reptile had ripped off Deasy’s left arm and mutilated her upper torso.

This is so sad as they could not retrieve the body.

Merry would be taken to a wildlife rescue center in Bitung district where tests will be carried out on its stomach.