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Cardi B and Offset reunited?

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Has Cardi B taken offset back? Well with the reunion of both couples, it seems so.

Cardi B and Offset were both spotted in Puerto Rico where both were frolicking and having fun at the beach.

Friends who were with them said they behaved like a couple in love as they laughed and joked at the beach.

It should be noted that Cardi B publicly stated that she and Offset are no longer together after one year of marriage. This was due to Offset’s infidelity. (what is it with men and cheating sef)!

And Offset reacted by also publicly apologizing to Cardi B when he “sabotaged” her performance at the California’s Rolling Loud festival. And of course she turned him down.

Well it seems she has forgiven him as they were both seen in a very romantic atmosphere in Puerto Rico just right before her performance at the Electric Holiday Festival in San Juan.

Although both parties has not confirmed the rumours yet, but it will be a good thing for their little princess (Kulture), if Cardi B forgives Offset.